Children Scouting

Scouting means unforgettable experiences, friendships for life and a lot of fun with children and young peers. Do you like to be outdoors in nature, do you want to experience exciting adventures and in the summer do you want to stay overnight in a tent with your friends? Then join the scouting organizations!

Portrait and purposes

In scouting children can let off steam and experience nature. Thanks to varied activities, the participants in the group already reflect on the values ​​of the company early on. In addition, in scouting important skills are acquired for life.

Free time in nature

In the age of virtual reality, scouting offers a valuable alternative for children and young people. Sports activities and experiences in nature are on the one hand perfect opportunities to get rid of excess energy. On the other hand the participants take an active role and create a positive relationship with their body. Within the free spaces present, growing children and young people can demonstrate their independence, survive adventures and create self-confidence.

This is Scouting

Scouts are curious and are interested in nature and the environment.

looking through binoculars

Age-appropriate program

Each child has individual and age-specific needs. In scouting this fact is taken into account by creating age groups and a varied program. In the framework of varied activities all children and young people can bring their individual skills, develop them further and take on a leading role in society. The scouts, who are a group of children and young people from different backgrounds, meet with tolerance and respect and are encouraged in different ways.

Children participate in decisions

Thanks to the right to participate in decisions, children and young people are motivated to defend their points of view, to participate in the definition of the program and to commit themselves. As they age, they increasingly make decisions according to the rules of the democratic game, so that personal wishes can be incorporated. However, the decisions taken by the group must also be maintained and respected, so that life in the community works. Social skills and the ability to work in a team develop early.

Pedagogical purposes

The main purpose of Scouting is the global development of children and young people. By this the scouting movement means the promotion of the five different relationships that a person cultivates by means of seven methods.

Values ​​in Scouting

Scouting is committed around the world to openness, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The protection of nature and all life also plays an important role.

Local differences

Many of these traditions have existed since the beginning of the scouting movement. Others have been added with the passage of time or have been modified according to the development of society. Many local scout groups also have their own individually decided symbols and traditions.